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Inspo Monday on a Tuesday

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We were woken up this morning around 5.00 am by something knocking around in our storeroom. Well, not exactly in the storeroom, but trying hard to get into the wall cavity. A possum. We complained about it for a while and then the Accountant got up and banged at the walls, hoping to put it off. He had to do this twice – possums are stubborn!

This whole story has nothing to do with today’s writing inspiration. The only word I could use as a segue would be stubborn and that would be pushing it. However, I’ll give it a go. Some poems are stubbornly one sentence. No longer.

This week write a one sentence poem. Think carefully where you put those line-breaks and question every punctuation mark. How hard can it be? One sentence!

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  1. Earl Livings says:

    I came to write
    a one-sentence poem

    but my muse barely
    had time

    to give me
    a final line

    that sang

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