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is one of my favourite words. And my life was enriched by a serendipitous event last week. I’d been trawling through the Writers Victoria website looking for useful online courses to do – something that could be beneficial to me as a writer but, full admission, that I could also use for my vocational currency. I decided that the Lunchtime Bite on Creative Research presented by Caitlin McGregor looked interesting, so I tried to find my password, to no avail (I bet that doesn’t surprise anyone!). Ended up emailing Writers Victoria instead. Mission accomplished. But what happened next was the serendipitous bit.

I received an email enrolling me in last week’s Lunchtime Bite – Finding Your Inner Poet, presented by Lou Garcia-Dolnik. So, I was like, okay – the universe has given me this unexpected gift. I’ll accept. It was a terrific session. A lot of information to take in, but we managed to do two writing exercises and Lou graciously spent extra time at the end fielding a couple of questions.

I began two poems in the workshop but then I shifted one into a piece of creative non-fiction which was an interesting exercise in itself. It was a great way to spend an afternoon – my thanks to Anna who made it happen and Lou who led such an engaging workshop.


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