Australian writer of books for younger readers, young adults, verse novels and poetry.


Catherine Bateson is a poet and writer for young adults and younger readers.

She lives in Belgrave with the Accountant, a golden lab, a wide assortment of tropical fish and whichever children have moved back home.

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  • What’s new – good question!

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    There is this – uncorrected proof of Lisette’s Paris Notebook! I’m at the proofreading stage now. It feels great to be at the final stages. There has also been knitting, sewing, sourdough baking. As well as teaching – I teach poetry now every week at The Avenue Neighbourhood House in Blackburn South – we begin […]

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  • To fragment. Or not. The question.

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    Sentence fragments. What is one, exactly? Well, it’s reasonably simple – a sentence must contain a main clause. A main clause consists of an independent subject and a verb and expresses a single idea. Once upon a time, students were taught to diagram a sentence. I escaped this – by the time I was in […]

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Book Reviews

5 stars
  • For Star:

    Star is an endearing first person narrator who will have the reader cheering for good things to happen to her. At times she is, as her mother accuses, self centred, but this adds to the sense of realism...
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  • For Hanging Out:

    The rivalry between Sydney and Melbourne is explored and gently rocked. Catherine Bateson points out that home is where family and friends are, that the rest is just bonus...
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