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Millie and the Night Heron

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Millie begins high school in a new town. For the first time she can remember, her mother has a proper job teaching art. Millie has a crush on a boy called Rowan, an enemy called Tayla and three good friends-Sarah, Helen and Rachel. Weird but lovable Millie discovers her passion for the environment, photography and friendships. Millie and the Night Heron explores the changing concept of family in contemporary life through the eyes of Millie, a sharply observant chronicler. Millie’s lists, poems and e-mails punctuate this beautiful heart-warming story from award-winning author Catherine Bateson.


Univ. of Queensland Press, 2005


Honour Book, CBCA Book of the Year, Younger Readers


Catriona Coote

This is a beautifully crafted novel containing powerful characterisations and written with a great affection and sympathy for strong-minded, creative, intelligent people who often feel isolated as a result of ‘being different'. There is an almost Austen-like exploration of the possibilities of new relationships between single mothers and their boyfriends.
In Millie, Bateson has created a very believable teenager - an attractive, interesting girl with a positive attitude who is sensitive to the adults she loves. Millie is not perfect, however, and swings between mature and immature behaviour and reactions in a way that is typical of teens. This is realistic fiction at its very best.
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